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Bristol_logo_krzywe Art & Medical Spa KolorBristol**** Art & Spa Sanatorium is situated in the city centre of Busko-Zdrój in a  beautiful neighbourhood known as Łazienkowski Garden.

Our resort, in the heart of the Świętokrzyskie region, is famous for the use of the healing sulphur, iodide and bromide waters which are richly available. Used both in baths and drinking treatments they will help you with rheumatism, detoxicaton and to feel regenerated.

Bristol****Art & Spa is an harmonious combination of an Art Nouvea villa “Bristol” and new,modern buildings, which combine  perfectly to offer a wonderful hotel and restaurant coupled with balneology and top-class recreational facilities.

This co-existence of tradition and modernity, has allowed us to tap into the natural wealth of Busko-Zdrój and offer our guests the latest treatments in the most relaxing of settings.

Every detail of both the historical and modern sections has been designed with special care, and the presence of art creates a unique atmosphere.

The flavours of our kitchen are inspired by the freshest, locally sourced, highest quality products available.

And of course let’s not forget the main attraction, our team. A team focused on the individual needs and high expectations of our guests.


We are here to help in a supportive way anyone for anyone who needs to regain physical and mental balance.


Trustworthiness is crucial for us, because we know that without it our therapy cannot be truly effective.


We could not help anyone without understanding an individual’s problems and needs. Our goal is to tailor our treatment to each unique guest.


We feel a great responsibility for the results of our work. Passion and commitment are what we put in everything that we provide.


Health is the most important aspect in life! We treat it holistically through  creation of ideal conditions to recover physically and mentally. A complete treatment for recovery – from accurate diagnosis, successful rehabilitation and relaxation. Treatments are chosen after an individual medical consultation, and thus are perfectly matched to the needs of each of our guests. We use the beneficial effects of natural rein sulphide and mud. Natural treatments are strengthened with the most modern equipment for physical therapy.


We believe in the healing power of art. The power of creating and expressing a human’s skill, emotion and imagination.

BRISTOL **** ART & SPA Sanatorium

During our renovation, we discovered a historic part which included guidelines for a conservator. This was used to preserve the unique character of the architecture. We decided to keep the name BRISTOL with supplementing it with an ART & SPA Sanatorium, making the current name fully reflecting the direction of our mission.

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Conference fee (B2B)

First person per non-Scandinavian organisation: EUR 600
Additional persons, same org: EUR 440

Scandinavian organisation representatives: FREE - registration is required.

Prices are exclusive of VAT
For details/specifics, see B2B-page