The are more than 3 million Swedish people above the age of 55. And the number is increasing.

Seniors have increasingly long and active lifestyles, are eager and inquisitive travellers, with time and financial resources, looking to improve quality of life. Since it is a client segment of growing importance, we have, as part of our B2C efforts, established cooperation with Senior Stockholm, Sweden’s largest senior fair.

About Senior Stockholm

The fair has been a yearly event for over 20 years. It is established and has a solid attendance. During 2015, nearly 12 000 3rd Age consumers visited the fair, which had more than 200 exhibitors, with five primary categories:  Travel & Tourism, Housing & Services, Health & Social Care, Health & Beauty and Leisure & Culture. There is no better avenue for direct B2C contact for this target group.

SMTC’s B2C Expo

Our section of the fair is an international area for operatives within the medical travel field – such as healthcare, nursing & elderly care, assisted living and wellness. For the second year, we make a deliberate exhibition effort to explicitly open up cross-border health & care on a direct consumer level.

In order to aid and facilitate the B2C process, we have grouped stand areas in various sizes (6, 8, 9 and 12 sqm) around a 48 sqm B2C presentation area, all dedicated to cross-border healthcare. This makes it possible for us to provide on-site assistance to you and your stand visitors. We can help with information regarding relevant national regulations and funding, practical issues, as well as bridging some som language barriers, enabling more comprehensive decision-making for interested seniors. Compared to last year, the dedicated area is also better placed within fair hall (hall B), favouring visitor traffic flow.

To the the exhibition hall layout

It is important to realize that this is not a single specific topic expo. It’s an age segment expo with broad content matter, covering several different areas of interest for the age bracket. As such, many visitors may not attend specifically for international healthcare purposes, since they may not view themselves as in need of treatment. It is therefore prudent to highlight any offered services closely related to the elderly lifestyle in general, or at least as close as possible, getting them acquainted with your brand and quality values.

Language will be a key-factor during the expo. English is spoken by many of the younger seniors, but not all, and good language skills are less widespread at higher ages. Well spoken English should be regarded as a minimum requirement for exhibitors and key materials in Swedish would be an advantage (we can help with translation).

When: October 18-20, 2016 (opening hours 10-16)
Where: Stockholm International Fairs & Congress Centre (Stockholmsmässan)
Exhibitor registration: EUR 220 (main)/ EUR 110 (co-exhibitor).
Includes brand name in the fair guide and on the website of Senior Stockholm, where you will also be able to add and edit your information
Stand area: EUR 160 /m2
Includes black/graphite carpet and white wall wooden partitions to adjoining stands
Furnishings & Services: Available from Event Services.
Most value-for money examples (includes post Sep 22 surcharge):
Bar package STIG/X-BONE, item no. 997521, (1 high table, 4 bar stools): SEK 1 625/ ca EUR 169
Café package KLYKAitem no. 997518, (1 table, 4 chairs): SEK 1 846/ ca EUR 192 
Absentee representation: from EUR 100
Providing material to visitors, and gathering contact information upon interest.

Prices are listed exclusive of VAT

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